How to Make Mouth Flickering Home Made Chocolates?

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Making chocolate at home is very easy but a person needs patience for the same..
Here are the steps on how to make chocolates..

•There are Chocolate Slabs available in the market. Take one Milk Chocolate Slab and one Dark Chocolate Slab.We will be making chocolate by mixing these two chocolate slabs. You must be curious about why we are mixing these slabs – thats because, milk is too sweet and soft and to lighten its sweetness and give bit harder shell, we need to include the Dark chocolate.
• Take out equal quantity of Milk and Dark Chocolate Slab in the microwave boil (say 100ml of both Milk and Dark Chocolate to start with)
•Place the microwave boil in microwave and heat it for 30 seconds.
•Remove the bowl from Microwave. Chocolate Slabs must have got soften a bit.
•Mix them with the Splatter.
•Now, again put the bowl in the microwave and heat it for another 30 seconds. Continue this procedure till the chocolate is melted fully.
•After chocolate is fully melted, remove the bowl and hold it for some time to get the chocolate bit cool down.. may be for a minute.
Remember: Do not forget to stir the chocolate with the spatulla because its very important that both Dark and Milk slab mix with each other.

•Now, its time to make different chocolate shapes with this melted chocolate.
•Take the desired shape chocolate mould. Pour in the melted chocolate to the full depth and tap the chocolate mould to remove any bubbles if formed.
•Take a big plate of the size of mould and tilt the mould upside down and allow the extra chocolate to fall into the plate.
•When the extra chocolate has gone from the mould, tilt the mould back into its exact position. Remove the extra chocolate if present on mould side with platter.
•Keep the mould in the refrigerator for 3minutes.
•After 5 minutes, remove the mould. You will see thick shell of chocolate in the mould. Put in the center material, that may be soft center, Rice Crisp, ButterScotch Nut, Honey Dipped Peanut, Roasted Cashew etc.. and then cover the center part with the extra melted chocolate you have in the microwave bowl
•Now your chocolate is ready but in the melted form so keep it in Refrigerator for another 5minutes to harden it.
•After 15 minutes, your chocolate in the mould will be harden, so take out mould from refrigerator.
•Place mould upside down on the butter paper, and tap it gently and allow chocolate to get out of mould itself..

Your chocolate is ready..
•Take chocolate wrapping sheet and cut it in appropriate size and wrap this chocolate..

Now we will learn how to make MIX MATCH of FRUIT N CHOCOLATE!!!

As I promised you earlier, here comes the recipe to make Strawberry Dipped Chocolate


  • Take fresh strawberries, wash and dry them fully
  • Take Chocolate and melt the same with the same procedure as given earlier
  • Now take toothpick and pick the strawberry with Toothpick
  • Dip the strawberry in the melted chocolate so that chocolate fully gets covered in strawberries
  • Now spin the strawberry clockwise so that extra chocolate gets spin off from strawberry
  • Take a butter paper and place the strawberry dipped chocolate onto it and place it refrigerator for 2 minutes

Your Strawberry dipped chocolates are now ready!!

In the same way, you can make cherries dipped in chocolate, mango dipped chocolates!!!

People are crazy for chocolate by QADBURYS named CRACKLE!!

Do you know how that it is the easiest method to make this Chocolate?Follow my steps below and enjoy your Home Crackle!!!

  • Take Rice Crispy
  • Melt the chocolate as given above and make the mould ready to put Rice Crispy as the center filling (for same follow the instructions as given above in the process of making Mouth Flickering Home Made Chocolates)
  • Now, put in Rice Crispy as the center filling
  • Cover the center filling with extra chocolate melted by you from the top
  • Referigerate it for 15 minutes to harden it so that you can take out this from mould easily

And ENJOY THE FEAST (wohoo!!!!!) 

Try out making Five Star Chocolate at home..

A humble request to contact for more any raw material inquiry rather than putting a comment on the post..


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