Lets Study on How to Make Caramel for Chocolate

In All About Chocolates on May 24, 2009 at 9:06 pm

You must have heard about the Chocolate Soft Center?
In India, I believe out of Chocolate Lovers, 70% approx population likes the caramel centred Chocolate.. Popular with the name of FIVE STAR!!!!

So, now, I would give you easy steps to make the Soft Centered Caramel for the Chocolate filling.

• Take a MilkMaid Can and Remove its blue cover but DO NOT open the Can. If you are using MilkMaid Can made by NESTLE, then there is no need to remove the blue cover.
• Take a Pressure Cooker
• Put the Milk Maid Can in the Pressure Cooker and fill in the water in the Pressure Cooker to the half the height covering the Milk Maid Can and to the height of half of the Milk Maid Can above it.. That means say, if your Can height is 10cm, then put water at the level till 15cm..
• Now , place the Pressure Cooker Lid with whistle , heat it on Gas Oven and let thewhistle keep blowing for 20 minutes
• After 20 minutes, remove the Pressure Cooker and let its Pressure cool down
• When the Pressure in the Pressure Cooker is released, let out the Hot Water and take out the Milk Maid Can
• Let the Milk Maid Can cool down..
• Now, open the Milk Maid Can and enjoy the Caramel Dip

You can use the Caramel to fill in the Chocolate mould as the soft center and it will give you the taste of FIVE STAR!!!

Lets learn today about making SNICKERS Chocolate!!

I know you all must be excited to learn the same and save large amount of your money from buying them from outside..
For making Snickers chocolate, follow these steps…

  • You require peanuts and Honey for making the Snickers chocolate
  • Roast Peanut in the microwave oven for 1minute
  • Take the peanut out of microwave and let them cool
  • After Peanut cools down, crush it into small pieces (may be you can divide one peanut into four pieces)
  • Take Honey (Jaggery) into a bowl and put crushed peanuts into it

Now this material will be used to center the chocolate in the chocolate mould

  • Melt the chocolate and make the mould ready to add the center material (peanut + honey) ( steps for the same)
  • Fill in the center of the mould with the (peanut + honey) mixture made by you
  • Cover the same with the chocolate layer and refrigerate it for 15minutes

Your SNICKERS Chocolate IS READY!!!!


Best Chocolate Recipe to start with in which you require just Chocolate Slab, Chocolate Mould and MARIE Biscuits….

  • Melt the chocolate and make the mould ready to add the center material ( steps for the same)
  • There is Special Chocolate Mould 090 on Page8 used for this chocolate making
  • Fill in the center of the mould with the one piece of Marie Biscuit
  • Cover the same with the chocolate layer and refrigerate it for 15minutes

And thats how you get Merry!!!

Just try out and if you find this blog interesting and useful, post your views about the same to Improve the content…

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  2. I didn’t knew that its so easy to make CARAMEL.. really a wonderful cool tip.

  3. Dear Madam,
    have been to your site n liked very much abt learning of making chocolate it is really simple to understand

  4. please tell me how to make caramel in small i dont want to use full milkmaid can…
    and please show d type of mould used in marie biscuit chocolate.

  5. How do you dry chocolates quickly after removing it from freezer?My chocolates sweated for over 12 hours in spite of keeping it under the fan for those many hours. Do help

  6. Sulekha
    It really depends upon the temperature..
    If you are making chocolates in Humid temperature, then its going to sweat.
    best idea would then be to keep it in refrigerator instead of freezer
    and pack it in with your air conditioner ON

  7. Eshita

    This is the best and easiest way to make Caramel. Otherwise you could get the one from Market. I do not have any idea how to make it in small quantity but would say once you made the caramel, you could refrigerate it and it stays for more than a month and could be used several times

    Marie biscuit mould number is “090” on link

  8. I really luv the way u put down difficult receipes in their simplest form so that amateurs like me are really benefited. Is there any method of making a ferro rocher type of chocolate at home…i just luv them and would love to learn how to make it at home if it can be made easily:)
    Thank you,

  9. really very good n easy receipy ,i become fan of your site…but please upload pics of your chocolates..which you mention in your site like five star..marrie…snickers..

  10. Aweesoommmeeee the way u had given a minute details n steps to make chocolate made it so very easy to work with chclt

  11. Very informative articles

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