Pesto – Another Italian Pasta Sauce – haven’t been so easy to make at home

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Thought of sharing some exciting food recipe with you so here it goes with the first one!

People who visited Italy are quite familiar with the word – PESTO

No more going into super markets and search for the popular Italian Pesto Sauce when the taste could be developed inside your kitchen!!!!

Introducing the Recipe for you all to try who want to add another flavor to their Pasta..

– garlic – small piece

– Fresh Basil Leaves .. (do not confuse with Tulsi ) – a bunch

– Parmesan Cheese – 100gm

– Almonds without brown skin – hand full

– One Lemon

– Olive Oil – 1 1/2 Tbspn


There could be a doubt in mind of where to find Basil and Parmesan Cheese in India.. I would suggest to go to good nursery and ask them for Basil Plant.. you could grow them in your house just like Mint or Coriander.

Regarding Parmesan… you could get that from any good supermarket.. In Ludhiana, best to checkout at Hyper city or Reliance

Preparation Time : 5 minutes

Take a Grinder, add Basil Leaves (all cleaned with fresh water), garlic, Parmesan Butter, Almonds and grind them until all grinded.

You would notice that the material is quite thick.

Now its time to add some olive oil, a bit of water, Lemon and again grind them until the mixture is smooth enought

Great News!!! Your sauce is ready to be used in Pasta.. Just need to taste it and add salt and pepper as per your taste!!!

Tips : This sauce is green so if you make pasta by green veggies like Beans, broccoli would give a professional look to Pasta when served to some one special!

  1. Nice recipe…can u suggest a good nursery in ludhiana where u can buy basil plant

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